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Mortar joint repair
Crack Stitching


Repointing is a technique for restoring the outer face of weathered mortar joints in brickwork. Exposed mortar joints are subjected to gradual erosion due to rain, wind and general wear.  Deterioration of the pointing allows the absorption of water resulting in dampness penetrating through the wall.

Trapped water is major cause of frost and salt damage in external brickwork. We will inspect the wall and establish whether the mortar is worn and eroded.  We can help restore your brickwork. Please get in touch for Free Advice or a Quote.

Crack Stitching

ertical cracks in walls can easily and conveniently be repaired using a process known as crack stitching. This involves removing the mortar either side of the crack and then cleaning the channel with a high powered jet of water. Then we place a special stainless steel rod in the cavity, fixed in position by a special grout.

This process is then repeated along each affected course. Once the grout has been applied and allowed to harden, repointing can take place. Crack stitching offers a very effective and lasting repair for both brick and blockwork.

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